[impressive]50+ Date night ideas list of 2020

[impressive]50+ Date night ideas list of 2020

Date night ideas

Before we became parents, Matt and I used to have a date night almost every weekend. We rarely saw each other during the week due to our busy work schedules, so we always made it a point to have a night to focus on our relationship. Our date nights before kids were carefree. We could leave town if we wanted and we had no real responsibilities keeping us at home. Now that we’re parents, date night is so different. We can’t really be spontaneous anymore. We have to plan ahead and make sure we have a babysitter, a plan and are home when we tell the babysitter we will be. Finding time for a date night is much harder than is used to be. But it is still so important to find time for your relationship with your partner. My husband and I love spending our evenings with our daughter. But we know we need to continue to give time to our relationship one-on-one in order to allow it to flourish and grow. The normal dinner and movie date-night can get boring pretty quickly. Matt and I love exploring our town, trying new things and being active. Whether it’s a day date or a night out, there’s tons of options to keep date night interesting! Check out the infographic below for 50 Fun Date Ideas! These date ideas offer something for everyone. Now that you have your date idea planned, you need to find a babysitter. The hardest part for us about planning for a date night is finding a good babysitter. We live in a small tight-knit community that really does try to work together. Our local recreation department offers a list of babysitters who are CPR certified. If your town doesn’t offer an available babysitters list, try looking on local facebook groups or even care.com. By finding someone you trust, you’ll be able to enjoy your date night even more.

50+ Date night Ideas

  1. Play a boardgame
  2. Have a picnic
  3. Put together a puzzle
  4. Make Homemade Sushi
  5. Watch the sunset over the water
  6. Host gamenight
  7. Go Fishing
  8. Go to a carnival
  9. Play a card game
  10. Drive outside of city limits &
  11. Go to the movies
  12. stargaze
  13. Check out a local festival
  14. Go to a concert
  15. Go bowling
  16. Go to a Museum
  17. Go ice skating
  18. Go to the driving range
  19. Race Go-Karts
  20. Go on a hike
  21. Play Karaoke
  22. .Play Trivia
  23. Have a fondue night
  24. Go to a sporting event
  25. Binge Watch your favorite tv
  26. Try a new restaurant
  27. series
  28. Sit by a bonfire
  29. Wine & Paint
  30. Take a dance lesson
  31. Go to the arcade
  32. Wine Tasting Tour
  33. Beer tasting at your favorite
  34. Get a couples massage
  35. brewery
  36. Go on a bike ride
  37. Plan a Beach Day
  38. Have an ice cream date
  39. Go Apple/Pumpkin Picking
  40. Go see a local band
  41. Play Tourist – Visit a local
  42. Visit the Zoo
  43. Play lasertag
  44. attraction
  45. Volunteer Together
  46. Go to the Dinner Theatre
  47. Go Dancing
  48. Drive to anew town
  49. Kayaking
  50. Walk around downtown
  51. Go Explore
  52. Take a sunset boat ride
  53. Plan a progressive Dinner
  54. Play Putt-Putt

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